Coliving Near Me in Singapore - The Assembly Place Story

Back in our school days, assemblies were a daily affair before the day started. We gathered in the parade square with excitement and exchanged our energy with each other, eager to start the day. 


Meaningful conversations about life and the sharing of our dreams; they all happened within those assemblies. Those little moments that created an inclusive environment that we will always remember.

"Gathering of people

where ideas are disseminated and exchanged".


The Assembly Place was founded with this purpose. To create an environment that is more than just a co-living space in Singapore. A place where individuals can gather, experiences are shared and memories, created. A place you can call home.  

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Our spaces

Immerse yourself in a concept of your choice when you stay with us!

To us, co-living is so much more than just

a space to live in.  

We offer a range of spaces that cater to

your preferences.


From minimalist to contemporary-styled spaces, these interiors are thoughtfully designed and conceptualized by a team of experienced designers with you in mind. 


You get to come home to a place of relaxation situated in Singapore’s best locations, while experiencing tranquility amidst the heart of city.  


Co-living never gets better than this in Singapore.