So what is co-living?

Coliving is a type of intentional community providing shared housing for people with shared intentions. This may simply be coming together for activities such as meals and discussion in the common living areas, yet may extend to shared workspace and collective endeavours such as living more sustainably.

Our Story

In 2018, the Founder of The Assembly Place visited the old parade square of his High School, where assembly's would be conducted every morning at 7.30 am.

He remembers fondly where mini debates or even story telling competitions were held. This was the place where ideas and dreams were born because of the commune of people within the square.


The Assembly Place was founded with this in mind. A place where individuals gather, ideas are exchanged, and where dreams are created.

     Our spaces

Our interiors are designed by an industry veteran with

more than two decades

of experience in interior design.

So rest assured that you won't come home to a bare box in the middle of the city - Instead you'll get to relax in a comfortable, ergonomically efficient co-living space specially curated and brought to life by one of the best interior designers around.

The Assembly Place is more than just a nice address in Singapore's choicest locations - we're actually a great space to live in.

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