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Co-Living Singapore: Your Ultimate Guide In Searching For The Perfect Space

We’ve probably all heard about the co-working concept. While the co-working concept has been the talk of the town for as far as one can remember, it’s time to take a new stance.

Enter co-living.

To most of us, co-living sounds like the ultimate dream. You get to move out of your parents’ home, sans nagging, no one to worry about how late you return home after chugging down the entire beer tower. That’s a story for another day.

More importantly, you get to experience living in a beautifully designed home (think Pinterest apartments come true) with your private bedroom, all whilst networking or having simple banter with your housemates over the common spaces and shared amenities.

What is Co-Living?

Just as the name suggests, the co-living experience entails you sharing an apartment with others, while still retaining your own private bedroom, and en suite bathroom, if you choose to shell out the extra cash. The rest of the communal areas such as the kitchen and living room, along with the amenities in the apartment are shared.

These apartments and shophouses also come in a variety of designs for you to take your pick. From contemporary, minimalistic, colonial to monochrome, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

So, where can one find such co-living spaces in Singapore?

Shophouses, apartments, condominiums. These unassuming places that we pass by on our daily commute are all home to co-living spaces on our sunny island.

Most of them are usually fully furnished, so all you need is to bring yourself and your belongings! Other features of these co-living spaces include amenities such as function rooms (equipped with pool and futsal tables), and swimming pools.

However, co-living is also much more than this. It allows for individuals with diverse and interesting backgrounds to come together and form a community. You’ll get to experience living with people of different ages, and if you’re lucky enough, pick up different life lessons from them! Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Why choose Co-living?

After all the talk about co-living, this question will most likely be conjured.

Before you end up like the confused math lady meme, we’re here to help you understand why co-living can be a better option compared to other forms of accommodation.

You pay less, but receive more

With co-living spaces, your apartment will come fully furnished and is suitable for immediate move in. This means that all you have to do is pack your belongings and you’ll be ready to settle comfortably into your co-living space!

Not convinced yet? There’s more!

The monthly rent of your co-living space also includes utilities, Wifi, weekly housekeeping and quarterly air-conditioning servicing!

Talk about getting more bang for your buck.

However, with other forms of accommodation, your monthly rent often covers the bare minimum. Furnishing, utilities, Wifi and housekeeping will incur additional charges.


With co-living spaces, you will also see more social interaction between you and your housemates. Ultimately, co-living can also help to build up your social network as you meet different people from various walks of life. It also facilitates the exchange of ideas in your communal areas such as the living and dining area.

If you are feeling extra sociable, you will be happy to hear that community events are also organized from time to time, enabling you to broaden your social circle!

On the other hand, interaction is usually limited with your housemates in other forms of housing. People usually keep to themselves and do not engage much in social conversations.

What are some of the features of co-living?

1. Hassle-free experience

With co-living, everything is kept fast and simple! The documents required are minimal, and the entire moving process is also pretty hassle-free.

This saves you lots of time, which is a huge plus point.

2. Low maintenance

With co-living apartments, they all come fully furnished, with weekly housekeeping included. This saves you lots of time having to clean up the common areas, and the time can be freed up for other things.

All you have to do is make sure that the bag of chips that you bring into your room doesn’t get left unattended.

3. Gaining exposure whilst meeting various individuals

At the heart of co-living is the opportunity to gather and interact with your other housemates. Think about having meaningful life conversations, or just the simple day to day banter.

The fascinating aspect of all this is that your housemates might not necessarily be from Singapore, so you’ll get to broaden your horizons while interacting with others from various cultures.

However for some, especially the introverts, this might mean stepping out of their comfort zone, which might prove to be quite a challenge at the start.

4. Experience living in a shared space with different people

We all know that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

When it comes to co-living, it pretty much works the same way. Living with different people means coming to accept their different habits and ways of life.

Though you might not agree with your housemates on certain aspects, it always pays to be accommodating and to work together to get along with them.

After all, you will be living under the same roof, so it’s always better to make the experience a pleasant one!

Why should you opt for co-living?

1. Great for couples

Still waiting for the keys to your new apartment? Co-living is a great alternative for couples who wish for some privacy, before moving into their new home. You’ll also get to experience what it is like living together with your significant other. You get your own personal space and en suite bathroom.

2. Fully furnished apartments

All co-living apartments come fully furnished! This saves you the hassle of making those tedious trips to and from IKEA.

More importantly, fully furnished apartments also mean that you can move in any time. All you have to do is ensure that you are well packed, and you will be good to go!