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List with the
assembly place

Why list with the assembly place?

Maximize returns. minimize headaches

Our team handles everything from paperwork, arrangements, and maintenance issues that might arise and handle them promptly with specialized care.

renovation designs & capital gains

We transform unused space into rentable areas, increase the market value of your home by painting it in the most desirable light.

eliminate vacancy risk and tenant turnover

Ensure stable recurring income, The Assembly Place boasts a 90% occupancy rate. Tenant turnover is rare and all tenants are carefully vetted.

About Us

At The Assembly Place, we are co-living. We work around the ethos of exploring meaningful conversations from the heart of our homes. This is why we have specially curated a catalogue of immaculately designed homes to provide our members with unforgettable and lasting living experiences.


Our current portfolio

96 Owen Road
Jalan Jintan
Starlight 7&9
1 Seraya Lane