Co-living in Singapore: Best Co-living spaces with convenient locations and unique characteristics

Updated: June 23, 2022

Co-living might be a relatively new concept to Singaporeans, but it is definitely an up-and-coming way of life!

Whether you are a Singapore still living with your parents or an expat working in the Little Red Dot, you could give co-living a try one day.

Wait, does co-living mean sharing a room with… a stranger?

Nope, not exactly!

You get a room to yourself while sharing the living area and kitchen with housemates.

In fact, co-living allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: privacy while living alone and at the same time, a social life when you’re in the mood.

What Is Co-living and Why Is It Popular?

Co-living is an interesting concept where like-minded people live in the same house, while having their own private rooms.

It gives you the experience of living with housemates. It’s a little like that college life you’ve experienced or seen on TV, only this time, with better amenities, en-suite bathrooms, better views and networking opportunities.

After a long day of work, you can choose to rest in your room for some me time or network with your housemates over a can of chilled beer.

Most co-living spaces in Singapore are found in condominiums and private properties. Read more about co-living here.

5 Benefits of Co-living in Singapore and Why It Is Popular

1. Co-living comes with a community.

Trust us, with co-living, you will feel a lot less lonely.

2. Co-living is affordable.

As compared to renting an entire apartment, the price of co-living doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. You don’t miss out on having your own privacy either.

3. Co-living comes with the necessary amenities.

Most of the co-living apartments will come fully furnished with beds, study tables, closets and more. You don’t have to worry about the furniture!

4. Co-living offers flexibility.

The rent lease for co-living apartments is more versatile and accommodating. At The Assembly Place, 3-month flexible leases are available.

5. Co-living lets you live light.

You don’t have to purchase new furniture and bring them along when you travel to a new space. It makes moving a lot easier when you don’t have to drag a huge luggage around.

Best Co-living Spaces in Singapore

Alright, are you wondering where these co-living spaces are found?

We have done the research and here are the top locations in Singapore. Let’s go!

1. Mill@32 – The Bachelor’s Home

Mill@32 has captured our hearts with their chic and minimalistic designs. Featuring Pinterest like interior designs, each room feels like a dream.

All of the spaces at Mill@32 are fully furnished and move-in ready. There’s air conditioning (hooray because Singapore’s weather is really hot), a washer & dryer, bedding and towels as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Whenever you feel like it, simply make your way to the kitchen to cook a warm meal. You might even get to make friends with your house mates at the kitchen!

Mill@32 is conveniently located near Paya Lebar MRT, which is an interchange station on the East West line and Circle line. It takes less than 15 minutes to get to town!

2. The Amerald Studio – Duplex Under The Stars

The Amerald Studio is conveniently located near Katong Shopping Centre. This means that it will be easy for you to get your home necessities or make a quick trip to the supermarket!

The unique part about The Amerald Studio is that the house comes with a beautiful spiral staircase. The theme of the interior design is minimalistic with a touch of nature.

Other than the standard rooms, this studio has a very cool attic room as well! You could literally be sipping wine under the stars!

3. Kembangan Lodge – Classy Suites

The Kembangan Lodge is The Assembly Place’s newest launch. All of the furniture are brand new and the apartment is only a short 2-minute walk from Kembangan MRT.

This will save you a lot of time for travelling! The design at the Kembangan Lodge are classy and some offer floor to ceiling windows. Imagine waking up to natural sunlight!

All of the rooms here come with their own private bathrooms so that tenants would not need to share.

4. 103 Sophia – Luxurious Suites

Suites at 103 Sophia are located nearer to town, and is only a 10-minute walk to Dhoby Ghaut MRT, one of the largest interchanges in Singapore.

The room designs here simply scream high SES and elegance. Coupled with good quality furniture, the walls are painted in modern, elegant colours and window blinds are fitted in every room.

It’s a wonderful place to recharge, to rest or simply spend time with your friends and family. There is a fully equipped kitchen for anyone who wants to display their cooking skills.

5. 108 Sophia – MUJI Inspired Homes

Rooms at 108 Sophia are MUJI-styled homes. The entire place is sleek, minimalistic and clean-looking. Wooden beds and drawers fill the room, along with soft grey carpets.

This Japanese-looking home is also painted in light, muted colours, giving off a calming vibe to the tenants.

108 Sophia is only a 10-minute walk to Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

6. Jalan Jintan – Living In The City

Jalan Jintan is located in the heart of Orchard Road. IT’s a 7-minute walk from the Orchard MRT, making it really convenient to travel anywhere in Singapore.

For couples who are looking for a place, this might be the one for you. Featuring attic suites and loft suits, Jalan Jintan offers spacious and comfortable homes.

This home also comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a lift.

7. Jalan Elok – Less Is More

Jalan Elok is another home that is located near Orchard MRT. In fact, it is located right behind Paragon Shopping Centre.

The home features a no-fuss, chic and clean design. Just as the saying goes, less is more. Thanks to the design by experienced interior designers, the room looks visually larger and spacious.

All rooms at Jalan Elok are fully furnished and move-in ready.

8. 7&9 Starlight – Contemporary Designs

Mixed with just the right colours and furniture, these homes at 7&9 Starlight offer a sleek and fresh look. There’s innovative furniture and a traveller’s flare.

Located near Farrer Park MRT, it is also a quick walk to City Square Mall.

For food lovers or café lovers, this place will be a plus for you. 7&9 Starlight is also surrounded by many famous cafes that one can easily spend a day chilling there.

9. 5 Starlight – Minimalistic Designs

Simple, uncluttered, attractive.

These are the words to describe the rooms at 5 Starlight. All of the rooms here are minimalist-designed and brings forth a soothing and comfortable vibe.

Paired with wooden flooring and modern wooden panels, this gallery-like place makes it warm and welcoming.

10. 144 Owen – Monochrome Fashion

144 Owen is situated cosily near Farrer Park MRT and City Square Mall. All of the rooms are furnished stylishly in monochrome colours.

The best part of monochrome designs are that they are versatile, timeless and easy to style. This design goes well with any furniture or items that you might have.

Located uniquely in a shophouse, get to enjoy a unique co-living experience!

11. 96 Owen – Elegant & Luxury Suites

Designed in soothing tones of white, beige and grey, suites at 96 Owen are elegantly designed. It’s a comforting neutral especially for the busy executives in Singapore.

Each room comes with a queen bed, a study table, bedding and towels. There’s also a fully equipped kitchen for those who love to cook.

This elegant home is only a 3-minute walk away from Farrer Park MRT.


Ready to experience co-living after looking at all these gorgeous apartments?

The Assembly Place offers luxurious co-living spaces all over Singapore.

We understand that life can get a little lonely sometimes, and that is why we offer co-living!

Each of our apartments are fully furnished and always maintained in top-notched conditions. Not to worry if you are unsure about co-living, we offer flexible 3-month leases as well as viewing sessions for interested tenants.

Feel free to chat with us for more info today, and we are more than happy to help!

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