17 Creative Ways To Personalise Your New Home

Updated: June 23, 2022

They say what makes a place a home, is the items that personalizes it.

Moving to a new home represents the start of an exciting journey. There will be new meetings, new adventures, all within new surroundings.

Now, if you’re moving soon, here’s a couple of things that you might want to bring along to your new accommodation.

Don’t miss any of these out, because they’re pretty important in creating your own space.

1. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Silence is louder than noise.

No matter if you’re doing your work, resting or exercising, have some music playing in your room.

A wireless Bluetooth speaker is one of the best items to have in your space. Not only is it convenient, it also helps to brighten the mood.

Imagine dancing to your favourite songs while doing chores (it makes it a lot easier trust us), or blasting music when you have friends over. A wireless Bluetooth speaker will make things amazing!

2. Laptop Bed Table

Working from home might just turn into working from bed!

As many of us are working from home, having a laptop bed table will really help. You won’t be slouching and injuring your back. It greatly helps with your posture while you get things done.

You can also make use of a laptop bed table and watch your favourite shows or movies.

3. Hair Dryer

Yes, it would be good to bring along your own hair dryer.

Be it an expensive Dyson hair dryer or an average one from your neighbourhood electronics store, having a hair dryer will definitely come in handy.

Use the hair dryer to elevate your appearance and style your hair before heading out.

Also, it is not wise to sleep with wet hair. There will be health issues and headaches when you’re old and grey. Try to dry your hair before you head off to bed!

4. Table Mirror / Makeup Mirror

Having a mirror is very practical in your daily life.

Not only is it functional, it also reflects light to brighten your room. Most minimalist homes or modern homes will have mirrors to enhance the space.

For some homeowners, they will purchase a mirror that comes with their own lights. It’s a lot more convenient as they can see their reflection clearly without worrying about the room’s lighting.

Table mirrors or makeup mirrors are affordable and can be found easily online!

5. Hangers

While some apartments may have their own hangers, it will still be good to bring some of your own.

There are smart hangers where you can hang multiple pairs of jeans on them, saving you a bunch of closet space. They kind of look like a little train.

Also, having the same type of hangers has proven to clear up more space for more clothes.

For ladies who love shopping, these hangers are going to multiply your closet size by 1.5 times!

6. Dehumidifier

Singapore is a humid place and the weather generally remains the same, 24/7, all year round.

Living in a humid place will be uncomfortable and unhealthy for homeowners. This is especially harmful to those with respiratory problems or allergies. Those with asthma or allergies have to take special precautions.

Dehumidifiers help to remove water from air. It lightens the air texture and makes it easier to breathe. Homeowners will naturally feel more relaxed.

The dehumidifier also helps to eliminate mold, dust and insects.

7. Cable Management Box

Almost everyone in Singapore would have their own mobile phones, and some might even have their own laptops.

For some tech-savvy individuals, they have their own wireless earphones, tablets, desktops and more. All of these electronic devices require charging, and this means lots and lots of cables.

The endless bundle of cables will make the place look messy. In worse case scenarios, someone might even trip and fall.

Getting a cable management box when moving into your new room helps to keep all the wires together, neatly. It also makes it easier for you to differentiate the cables.

8. Plant

A little touch of Mother nature will add so much style to your room!

Having a little bit of natural green helps to improve the aesthetics of the place, giving off a modern and stylish vibe.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a huge potted plant. It’s entirely up to your preference!

Some prefer small tables plants, while some prefer putting a money plant in their room to draw wealth.

9. Photo Frames / Photo Walls

Having your photos and memories displayed will create a sense of belonging to the space.

Photos can be printed and placed into photo frames to decorate the space. It creates a sense of belonging and makes the space more comfortable.

For those who are creative, they can make their own photo wall.

Simply print out of the photos and clip them onto an iron grid. It will look super cool and remind you of the wonderful times you’ve had!

Tip: You can hang your goals and achievements on the board as well!

10. Foldable Storage Boxes

There’s a high chance that there will be a little clutter or mess in your room. Sometimes we may have items that we don’t really know where to place them.

For example, extra pouches, clothes, masks and so forth.

You can easily keep them in the foldable storage boxes and put them aside neatly. One of the key points to make a room look modern is to be clutter-free!

11. Yoga Mat

Experts have mentioned that the average adult should exercise two to three times a week. Regardless of how busy you are, you should always make time for a quick workout!

Today, you don’t have to get out to the gym or the outdoors to exercise.

All you need to do is lay out your yoga mat, and you can begin!

If you are unsure of the exercises you can try, you can also lookup exercise videos on YouTube. There are plenty of exercise videos where YouTubers workout with you!

Popular videos are mainly full body workouts, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio workouts and abs training.

Yoga mats are also very affordable and can be bought online, or from physical shops such as Watsons.

12. Weights

Nope, we don’t mean those bar bells from the gym. Here, weights refer to small fitness dumbbells that can help you exercise anytime, anywhere.

Having these small weights in your house will allow you to multitask.

Imagine watching a show on your laptop, while lifting a couple of weights. Not only do you get to chase the story, you get to workout as well!

13. Alarm Clock / Digital Clock

While some of us use our phones as an alarm clock, nothing beats having a physical clock in the room.

It makes the entire place look homely, and warm.

If you’re into tech gadgets, you might prefer a digital clock. If you’re more into art or aesthetics, you can consider investing in an analog clock.

14. Key Bowl

The moment we reach home, we would want to kick off our shoes, change into comfortable clothing and rest. However, where do we throw our keys? Where do we throw those spare coins in our pockets?

Having a key bowl is a lot more helpful than you think. It helps you keep those little bits altogether and makes it a lot easier to find your keys.

You won’t lose your keys in your room with this bowl!

15. Bedroom Slippers

Bedroom slippers are a must! They keep your feet warm and create a snug, cosy atmosphere.

If you’re into cute products, you can consider getting bunny slippers or little duck slippers.

If you’re more into basics, single-coloured bedroom slippers can be bought from Muji.

16. Scented Candles

Certain scents will help to relax the mind. After a long day of work, this might just be what you need to loosen up.

There are plenty of fragrances for candles, and most of them come in classy glass jars which adds a touch of elegance to your room.

Remember to get a lighter for your candle though.

17. Mug Coaster

We will definitely be drinking either a hot cup of tea or a cold glass of soda in our rooms. To protect our furniture and reduce the chances of making a mess, coasters are needed.

There are plenty of coasters in the market, some being single-coloured wooden ones while some are flamboyant with unique designs.

Choose a coaster you like and place it on your table. It’s going to be really helpful while you do your work.


Are you all packed and ready to move? Have you checked and double-checked your luggage?

Well, we hope that this list of essentials has helped to make your packing smoother. These are little items that will make your new home smart, modern and comfortable.

If you’re thinking of moving out or looking for a place to rent, consider our spaces at The Assembly Place.

TAP offers modern homes that are located conveniently near MRT stations. Click on our website for a virtual tour right now!

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